Thanks for visiting! I have created this site to post about the things I ponder over since becoming a mother. If the title isn't a hint enough to this; motherhood is something which throughout my life, I doubted that I would ever take on.

But all the same I am here and it has happened! And so to prevent my mind from exploding or me going bat sh!t crazy with baby jibber-jabber, this blog is here to record all my motherly ramblings in the hope that I may still function as a normal human being when every now and then I am reintroduced into mainstream society.

Who Would Have Thought It?!


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A couple of points really:

1. Wow! How hard is it to create a blog with a baby who is constantly blog-blocking with ninja-like ability?

2. Perhaps an inkling into my mind at present; I'm not quite sure that I'm comfortable using a font which mixes capitals and lower case?